RSO Series #1- Results, Pictures- Thank You To All Our Volunteers

The 2013 RSO Series is now open! The first competition was held on Sunday morning under sunny and windy conditions.

The series, which was supported by local Clubs including the host Toronto Inline Skating Club and Shift Racing.

The event would not have been possible without all the contributions from the following volunteers-

  • Meet Manager, Finish Judge, Official: Wayne Burrett
  • Registration, Check-In: Sherry Tickner, Amanda Tickner
  • Timing, Finish Judges, Officials: Jacky Shu, Frank Bennett, Judy Penner, Tim Rudy, Eric Gee, Brian Rudy
  • Results & Tabulation: Brian Rudy
  • Lap Board, Bell Ringer: Bill Halushak
  • Photography: Eric Gee, Peter Doucet
  • Announcer, Organizer: Peter Doucet
  • Additional Support: Scott Pauley
  • First-Aid: Sherry Tickner

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