2014 Stage #2- Pictures and Rankings

The Toronto Inline Skating Club hosted this season’s second RSO Series at the Ken Cox 400-meter track in Toronto.

[Complete results]

Overall Rankings
1- Alex Rudy (300m 1st, 500m 1st, 10km points 1st)
2- Peter Doucet (300m 2nd, 500m 2nd, 10km points 2nd)
3- Adrian Rudy (300m 3rd, 500m 3rd, 10km points 3rd)
4- Shannon Hegarty (300m 4th, 500m 4th, 10km points 4th)
5- Amanda Tickner (300m 6th, 500m 5th, 10km points 5th)
6- Maggie Dort (300m 5th, 500m 6th, 10km points 6th)
7- Kerry Tayler (300m 7th, 500m 7th, 10km points 7th)
8- Leo Echeverri (300m 8th, 500m n/a, 10km points n/a)

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